Twelveish - Customizable Watch Face for Wear OS

Rokas Jankunas | Twelveish 1
Rokas Jankunas | Twelveish 2
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Lightweight but feature packed Wear OS Watch Face that displays time in words.

"[Twelveish] adds a bit of comedy. Along with the full time, it also gives you estimations in large words in the middle of the display" --Android Authority, "10 best Wear OS watch faces"

Twelveish is an open-source Wear OS (Android Wear) watch face that displays

  • exact time and day of the week on the top
  • date and battery percentage slightly below
  • time in words, as well as two complications in the middle
  • complication on the bottom
  • (complications are only available on Wear OS and Android Wear 2.0 or higher)

Other features:

  • Over 30 background colors to choose from
  • Over 30 main and secondary colors both for active mode and ambient
  • 3 complications (2 round, 1 long or round)
  • Option to disable tapping on complications - useful if you constantly open them by accident
  • 16 different date format combinations
  • 5 capitalization options
  • 12 and 24 hour digital and word clock formats
  • show/hide almost any info (digital and word clocks, date, battery percentage, complication) with different combinations both for active and ambient modes
  • 11 languages (Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish)
  • 11 fonts that are compatible with all languages
  • Wear OS (Android Wear) 1.5 and above support
  • Chin (flat tire) support
  • Square screen support

Feel free to contribute with translations, bug fixes or additional features. More about it here:


Google Play

Source Code (GitHub)

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Latest Version (Stable)
2.0.8 (202, 201)


  • Dutch translation improvements
  • Norwegian translation improvements
Other Contributors
  • elawhatson (logo)
  • eelcovb (Dutch translation)
  • Lari Palander (Finnish translation)
  • Robin Roschlau (German translation)
  • Lefteris Popoff (Greek translation)
  • Richard Hriech (Hungarian translation)
  • Luigi Violin (Italian translation)
  • Johnny Wiig (Norwegian translation)
  • David Amian Valle (Spanish translation)
  • Marco Martinez (Spanish improvement)

Thank you!