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TickTock Wear is a Wear OS (Android Wear) application that adds a ticking sound to your smart watch.

Other features:

  • Restrictions: time, battery percentage and charging status
  • Integrations - other apps and watch faces can integrate with TickTock Wear to add more features
  • Additional sounds (Premium)
  • Hourly chime with volume and duration settings (Premium)

Download "Twelveish" watch face which integrates with TickTock Wear for additional features:

  • Play/pause ticking in ambient mode
  • Play/pause ticking in interactive mode

TickTock Wear supports Android Wear 2.0+ devices with a speaker. At the moment of writing these are devices that meet the requirements:

  • Asus ZenWatch 3
  • Asus ZenWatch 2
  • Huawei Watch 2
  • Huawei Watch
  • LGE LG Watch Sport
  • LGE LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition
  • ZTE Quartz
  • Fossil Wear
  • Fossil Q Wander / Q Marshal / Q Founder 2.0 / Bradshaw / Dylan
  • Mobvoi TickWatch Pro / TickWatch Pro 4G
  • Mobvoi TickWatch S / E
  • Verizon Wireless Wear24

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1.0.0 (64)

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