SABS - Simple Ad Blocker for Samsung (discontinued)

Rokas Jankunas | SABS 1
Rokas Jankunas | SABS 2
Rokas Jankunas | SABS 3

SABS was a system-wide, rootless AdBlocker, package disabler, permission manager and more. It worked by using Samsung's KNOX SDK, therefore only worked on Samsung devices. What made SABS stand out from other adblockers is that it could make reversable system level changes because of the Samsung's KNOX tools, and didn't run in the background. With it, you could easily block url domains, disable system apps that you can't in settings, remove permissions from apps that you can't usually control.

During a few months of its existance, SABS had been downloaded more than 100,000 times from GitHub repository alone (this number does not include downloads from other sources).

Other Contributors
  • Mike B.
  • mmotti
  • 10+ others

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