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Rokas Jankunas | Twelveish

Twelveish is a unique Wear OS (Android Wear) Watch Face that displays the approximate time in words (in multiple languages).

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Rokas Jankunas | List-Launcher

List-Launcher is an amoled Android launcher that displays applications in a list. Currently in alpha stage.

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Rokas Jankunas | AppListManager

AppListManager is an easy to use Android library, which minimizes developing time when working on application or activity lists.

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Rokas Jankunas | TickTock Wear
TickTock Wear

TickTock Wear adds a ticking sound to your Wear OS smart watch.

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Rokas Jankunas | SABS

SABS was a system-wide rootless adblocker, package disabler and a permission manager with more than 100,000 downloads.

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